Protesting Ted Nugent

Known for his political viewpoints almost as much as he is for his guitar playing, Ted Nugent might get a little push-back when he rolls into Montclair, N.J., this week.

Photo: Owen Sweeney / Invision / AP
Rams Head Live!, Baltimore, Md.

Maybe it’s a little too easy to protest a Ted Nugent concert.  After all, the man behind “Wango Tango,” “Stranglehold” and “Cat Scratch Fever” hardly keeps his views to himself and a quick search on YouTube results in several instances of Ted being Ted.

But it looks as if a protest against Nugent performing at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, N.J., may be in the works.

NJ Voices blogger John D. Atlas brings it all together for you by printing a few of Nugent’s choice comments, such as his 2007 onstage rant calling then-Senator Hillary Clinton “a worthless b*tch” or episodes of volatile verbage such as referring to President Obama as a “chimpanzee.”

Now it looks as if a protest is brewing.  According to Atlas, the New Jersey director of the Communications Workers Of America union, Hetty Rosenstein has been leaving messages for Welmont’s management asking that they scratch Nugent’s July 22 gig from the calendar.

“Nobody is precluding Ted Nugent from speaking,” Rosenstein said in one message.  “It is a question as to whether or not the Wellmont Theatre, in a community such as Essex County, New Jersey, should bring in or seek to make a profit from a notorious bigot.”

But Rosenstein’s efforts didn’t stop with leaving phone messages.  NJ Citizen Action, Blue Wave and labor unions joined in her efforts to prevent Nugent from playing the Wellmont.

But despite the protests, it appears Nugent’s gig is still a go.  The rocker is still listed on the Wellmont’s schedule and Mark Josephson, the venue’s executive director, told Atlas that the appearance will not be canceled.

Of course, anything can happen in 24 hours.