A Short Tour From Bobby Long

Hip hip hooray for Bobby Long! This morning the British singer/songwriter announced the PledgeMusic campaign for his third album had reached its goal. And there’s good news for his fans too – dates scattered here and there from August through November.

Pollstar and Bobby go way back. Last year we did a follow-up Q&A with the artist after interviewing him in 2010.

Since then he’s been busy writing new material for his third official LP. The PledgeMusic campaign is currently at 104 percent of its goal, with 230 days left until the release. You can still get involved by pledging anything from $10 for a digital version of the album to $5,000 for your very own song penned by Long.  

Long says, “For my third album, I’m going back to where I began—to make an album that captures the intimacy of my live shows based around my voice, guitar and new songs.”

Here’s his itinerary:

Aug. 6 – Toronto, Ontario, Drake Hotel / Underground      
Aug. 16 – Brooklyn, N.Y., Rough Trade     
Oct. 15 – Decatur, Ga., Eddie’s Attic          
Oct. 16 – Athens, Ga., The Melting Point    
Oct. 19 – Birmingham, Ala., BottleTree       
Oct. 21 – Nashville, Tenn., The Rutledge    
Nov. 7 – Albany, N.Y., The Linda – WAMC’s Performing Arts Studio      
Nov. 16 – Santa Barbara, Calif., Soho Restaurant & Music Club

Tickets are available now.

For more information visit BobbyLong.info and click here for his PledgeMusic campaign page.