At the end of June, one of Singapore’s biggest dance club, Zouk, announced that its annual dance music festival, ZoukOut, would end after the next event, which is scheduled for December.
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The club has six months left on its current lease, and the owner has said if there is no Zouk, then there will be no ZoukOut. Consequently, an online campaign has been launched by the club and its fans to “reinforce and express the [company’s] desire” to have the lease extended, though the owner has said he is trying to find a new location.

A short time later the influential UK music magazine DJMag, which once ranked Zouk the seventh-best dance club in the world, launched its own campaign to extend the lease somehow via social media, calling for “global support” by getting people to tweet or retweet using the hashtag #SaveZouk.

Zouk’s founder, Lincoln Cheng, reportedly made the decision to close the club earlier this year if he could not secure another three-year extension.

Cheng is reportedly frustrated with the series of short-term extensions he’s had to deal with in recent years, the latest being only six months.

He opened the club 23 years ago and has since made it one of the city-state’s most popular night spots, which has hosted superstar DJs like AfroJack and David Guetta.

Last year, two other iconic clubs were forced to close, mainly due to skyrocketing land prices that have driven up rents on commercial properties.

Zouk’s original lease ended in 2012, and has since received several reprieves, but some insiders say it is only a matter of time before the property owners kick them out.

Under a new zoning plan for the city, the area where Zouk is located has been designated as a “residential with commercial” property. People who live near the club have always complained about the noise.