Rodeo Bar Closes

Rodeo Bar, the self-proclaimed longest-running honkytonk in New York, recently closed for good, with owner Mitch Pollak citing increased rent as the problem.

Photo: Facebook

Pollak told the New York Times that when he bought the bar in 1996, his monthly rent and insurance was $10,000 and now it’s nearly $50,000. Pollak added that the neighborhood has changed, and the younger crowd is migrating to sports bars.

Rodeo was shuttered for four days last year after the health department found an infestation of mice.

The bar opened in 1987 bringing in acts like Dale Watson, Wayne Hancock and Charlie Louvin.

“It’s ironic that just as this music has become bigger than it ever was, Rodeo had to close,” musician Elena Skye told the paper. 

The last night was July 26, with patrons acting a shoppers, buying nicknacks to the stage buffalo, the Times reported.