Hospital: 33 Dead After Guinea Concert Stampede

Hospital officials say at least 33 people are dead following a stampede at a rap concert in the capital of Guinea.

Donka Hospital Director Fatou Sike Camara said Wednesday that the victims included children as young as 10.

Thousands had gathered at the beach in Conakry for a concert celebrating the end of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan.

Witnesses say the stampede happened after the show ended as the large crowd tried to exit through a small gate. Some people fell to the ground and were trampled.

In an address on national television, President Alpha Conde called for a one-week mourning period for the victims; he did not give a death toll.

Photo: Youssouf Bah/AP
The entrance to the property (left where man is sitting), where a stampede took place in the city of Conakry, Guinea,

Conde also closed the capital’s beaches closed until further notice and said an investigation was underway.