Crawl Lost £100,000

The firm behind the recently collapsed Camden Crawl reportedly went down with debts of more than £100,000.

Three weeks after this year’s Crawl, the annual two-day multi-venue festival in London’s inner city announced it was “unable to pay its debts in full to any suppliers, staff or the company’s directors and shareholders.”

Insolvency specialist Libertas Associates, which liquidated Crawl Promotions, found it owed £165,000 and had assets of around £60,000.

Libertas says headlining act ABC is down by £14,400, with other acts including Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes, Mouse On Mars, and Atari Teenage Riot owed single-digit thousands.

Also hard hit were some of the premier venues to stage The Crawl.  is owed £6,186,  is owed £5,306 and  is down by £1,080. Crawl Promotions has insisted the collapse of the company was “completely unanticipated.”