Social Popcorn

When Emmylou Harris comes to the  in November, her audience will be able to snack on popcorn – from a $10,000 popcorn machine. That was bought through crowdfunding.

The Florida theatre asked its customers to replace its 15-year-old popcorn machine, which suffered a motor malfunction, then a fire in the oil pump that cost the nonprofit theatre $2,000 in repairs, according to the Tampa Tribune.  With the $10,000 goal reached, customers will be chewing in ecstasy popcorn made from a new Gold Medal popper with a 52-ounce kettle.

The new machine will produce 10 gallons of popcorn at a time, twice the rate of the old one, and a theatre spokeswoman told the Tribune it will equate to faster-moving concession lines.

Donors’ benefits include an invitation to a “Popcorn Party” and film screening. Top donors receive free popcorn for a year.