Aska Angers Mob

Japanese singer-songwriter Shigeaki Miyazaki, professionally known as Aska of the popular duo Chage and Aska, has been cooperating with police since his May arrest for drug possession.

In late August he pleaded guilty to all charges against him and now awaits sentencing, which he obviously hopes to reduce by working with the authorities.

The best result would be to receive a suspended sentence, but a plea deal comes with a downside. Apparently, the cooperation has led to the arrest of two men affiliated with a powerful Japanese organized crime outfit, and a member of this outfit has told the weekly magazine Flash that it could be a serious problem for Miyazaki.

Reporter Jake Adelstein, who has written extensively about Japanese organized crime, told the South China Morning Post that Miyazaki could be “in physical danger if he manages to avoid going to jail,” since remaining free would “signal to his suppliers that he has ratted them out.”

Apparently, the police have lately cracked down on organized crime activity and it’s believed that it may have to do with information supplied by Miyazaki. Flash also reported that drug use is common in Japan’s entertainment world, but died down after the Aska scare.