Builders Can Help Save Venues

The UK’s Musicians’ Union is calling for property developers to help save music venues by soundproofing any new buildings put up next to them.

Some venues’ licenses are reportedly in danger after receiving noise complaints from neighbours. Manchester’s Night & Day Cafe is at risk after one complaint from a person who recently moved next door.

A petition to save the venue supported by former The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr has collected 74,000 signatures, after the local city council served the Night & Day venue with a noise abatement notice. In May Brighton’s Blind Tiger was forced to stop music after one complaint from someone living in a flat above the venue.

The MU has already played its part in one successful campaign to get the builders to help protect the venues.

At the beginning of August, Bristol City Council approved plans for flats to be built next to the city’s The Fleece, but subject to a number of strict acoustic conditions that will help protect the amenity of future residents and the ongoing viability of the venue.

One such condition requires that residential units be subject to noise assessments prior to occupation to ensure suitable living conditions. This will greatly minimise the chance of noise complaints against The Fleece. Thousands of local music fans had signed a petition to save The Fleece, when a builder sought permission to turn a local office block into apartment housing.