Rock Am See Pulled

Dieter Boes pulled this year’s Rock am See festival because Germany has more events than talent to play them all.


Boes says it’s been a good festival season, while admitting that he feels the growing number of festivals in Germany and nearby was the main reason he couldn’t get the right talent to make a strong Rock am See.

“I didn’t want to do it with a weaker lineup,” he told Pollstar. “I’m optimistic we’ll be back next year with a strong 29th anniversary lineup.”

The only other time Rock am See skipped a year was in 1992, when work on the stadium and its surrounds meant it was impossible to stage it.

The decision to scrap the festival – which would have been staged Sept. 6 – came in April, when Boes realised the best of the touring acts would have and gone before then.

Apart from putting on the annual Rock am See on the German side of the Swiss border at Lake Konstantz, Boes is also a festival partner in FKP Scorpio’s Southside Festival, about 40 miles further into Germany at Tuttlingen.

He’s also a festival partner in FKP Scorpio’s Greenfield Festival, which is only about 130 miles away in Switzerland.