‘Dunedin Sound’ Pioneer
Gutteridge Dies

Peter Gutteridge, one of the pioneers of New Zealand’s 1980s “Dunedin sound,” died Sept. 15.

He was in his early ’50s, and had just returned from touring the United States. Blogger Simon Sweetman hailed him as “one of the heroes of New Zealand’s alternative music (with) a wildness in his heart and in his head.”

“A true hero of New Zealand music,” echoed the iconic Flying Nun Records on its website.

The Dunedin Sound emerged in the ’80s, a jingle-jangle guitar sound inspired by American acts like The Velvet Underground and The Stooges.

It was a sound quickly recorded by Flying Nun. Gutteridge, who was born in the city, helped form The Chills, The Clean, The Great Unwashed and Snapper.

The latter noise drone band reunited for a tour last year following the reclusive Gutteridge’s intense drug treatment program.