Mexico Mad At Miley?

The fans may have loved Miley Cyrus during her two-night stop in Monterrey, Mexico.  The government, on the other hand, might have a bone to pick with the pop tart regarding her alleged twerking of the country’s flag.

While performing at the Arena Monterrey this week, a dancer used Mexico’s flag to spank a prosthetic pelvis Cyrus was wearing for the occasion, reports Reuters.

(the alleged twerking begins at approximately 2:20.)

One of Mexico’s state legislators is demanding action, saying Cyrus should be fined for her dastardly display of twerking.  What’s more, the Nuevo Leon state legislator has approved a warrant allowing the Mexico’s Interior Ministry to enforce the country’s laws protecting the flag.

Penalties for desecrating Mexico’s flag include a $1,200 fine and or detainment for 36 hours. 

Meanwhile, Cyrus has more shows scheduled for Mexico.  She’ll play Mexico City’s Arena Ciudad De Mexico Friday night and the Auditorio Telmex in Guadalajara Sunday evening.