Sillerman Unloading Property

Robert Sillerman is looking to unload part of his real estate portfolio. Six homes, located in Manhattan, Anguilla and the Hamptons are on the block for a total of $107 million.

Photo: Corcoran Group
One of Sillerman's modest dwellings in Anguilla. Could be yours as part of a $100 million bundle. 

The SFX Entertainment CEO has listed his eight-bedroom oceanfront home in Southampton for $39 million, according to the Wall Street Journal. He will list a 37,000-square-foot estate on the Caribbean island of Anguilla for $19.5 million, as well as three smaller villas on the island, and relist one of his Manhattan townhouses at a bargain price of $28 million.

Caroline Holl of the Corcoran Group, which is listing the properties, said it’s a unique opportunity for somebody with the scratch to buy the entire package.

If purchased together, the homes “afford somebody the opportunity to buy a global lifestyle in one fell swoop,” she told the paper. Don’t worry about Sillerman, though. He’s just “simplifying” his life and will still own other properties in each location, including four in the Hamptons, with his wife.