Aussie Managers Announce New Code Of Conduct

The Sydney-based Association of Artist Managers (AAM) unveiled plans for a new Code of Conduct during a Sept. 11 artist managers panel at the Big Sound conference in Brisbane. 

It is scheduled to come into effect July 2015 after consultations with the local music industry. The Code was mooted 18 months ago when the AAM was asked to consult with the International Managers Forum’s move to set up a Global Code.

The initiative failed to fire, but the Australian association decided its own code was necessary as the Australian talent management sector is self-regulated.

The 11 clauses in the Code cover conflicts of interest, pay rates, acquiring new skills as managers’ roles expand, transparency and accountability, awareness of all relevant legislation and mindfulness of cultural sensitivities.

Rick Chazan, whose clients include The Church, explained, “Within the artist community there can be skepticism and maybe concern that managers are not ethical and their practices not always fair. So to have senior managers set up these boundaries of conduct is an important step.”