Galtres Is Cashless

The UK’s Nationwide Caterers Association is advising its members not to work at festivals using cashless payment systems until the money collected from fans is ring fenced.

The UK’s leading association for independent caterers spoke out after a North Yorkshire festival ran out of money despite using a cashless system. Stallholders at the four-day Galtres Parklands Festival at Duncombe Park, near Helmsley, which reportedly pulled 8,000 people, claim they’re still owed thousands of pounds. Headliners included Human LeagueMorcheeba and Tricky.

Galtres Festival Trading Ltd., one of the companies behind the event, has ceased trading and doesn’t have the money to meet its liabilities.

“It’s absolutely atrocious,” Ben Ahmed of Fuel Coffee Kart told The York Press. “The festival had money handed over by punters to pay for food and drink. What I do know is that I don’t have it, and nor does anyone else that I’ve spoken to.” Ahmed, who says he’s owed £800, believes up to 50 businesses could be affected.

Despite the furor over the stallholders not being paid, and the collapse of the trading company behind the event, Galtres intends to return in 2015. Event organiser James Houston told the Yorkshire paper it’s the festival’s firm intention that the traders are all repaid in full at the earliest opportunity.

“As a board we are convinced that the festival is potentially viable and profitable,” he said. A statement from the Galtres Festival Charitable Foundation added, “We’ve decided that the best thing for the future is to start anew, safeguarding revenues and focusing on improving the business model. We believe that the event potentially has a highly profitable future, provided a check is kept on costs, and sales continue to grow.”