Remembering Paul Revere

In an era when many rock bands were perceived by their fans’ parents as radical hippies bent on destroying the American Dream, Paul Revere & The Raiders blazed a joyous path through the 1960s.  Video memories of PR&R await you after the jump.

Paul Revere Dick passed away from cancer Saturday at his home in Garden Valley, Idaho.  Phil “Fang” Volk, who played bass in The Raiders’ during the 1960s, wrote that Revere “was a good man with a great big heart, and he dedicated his life to his band for the past five decades. He will truly be missed in the rock & roll world, and by his friends who loved him as I did.”

But Revere never seemed like the kind of guy who would ever want people crying over his final stage exit.  Instead, he’d probably prefer us to remember him in his Raiders glory, standing behind his keyboard decked out in his signature revolutionary war garb playing hits like “Kicks,” “Hungry,” “Good Thing” and “Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian).”