The 1975

It’s not every day that Mick Jagger rings you up and invites you to open a major show for The Rolling Stones.

And for Manchester, England, four-piece The 1975, it wasn’t really quite that simple when the call came with the invitation to open a July 2013 Hyde Park show for Mick and the Boys. But there’s no question it was, as The Windish Agency’s Mike Mori puts it, “a game changer.”

For singer/guitarist Matt Healy, guitarist Adam Hann, drummer George Daniel and bassist Ross MacDonald, it was a long, but rewarding, slog from tiny regional clubs in England before “the call” to Hyde Park and international stages including Coachella and Lollapalooza.

Photo: John Davisson

The 1975 released four EPs before dropping its eponymous debut in Sept. 2013, which included a remastered take of the single track “Sex” that had already seen some success. The heavier, guitar-based sound of that track caught Mori’s ear.

“I remember thinking, ‘There’s a lot of interesting guitar-based bands coming out of the U.K.; a kind of a return to rock,” Mori told Pollstar. “I thought, ‘These guys are one of those guitar-driven bands that could do well.’

“We booked a tour of small clubs and couple of random radio shows in small markets, clubs with maybe 100 cap. They blew out fast. I heard the finished record, and there were tons of big songs. It very cohesive sounding and I knew it was special.,” Mori said.

The word was out. The band’s hybrid of guitar and electronic rock has earned a loyal and obsessive fan base. On The 1975’s first North American outing, Mori found he had to move about one-third of dates shows to bigger rooms.

Photo: Jason Squires/

Even after almost two years of relentless touring, demand for The 1975 remains high.

“We have the fall tour, 2,500- to 4,500-capacities, and most of them sold out in advance as well. Boston blew out immediately. Two Terminal 5 shows blew out in about an hour. Atlanta blew out in one day,” Mori said. “The story of this band is how hard it works.”

The 1975 is about to embark on yet another North American leg, and adding dates through December including holiday radio shows.