Sildna Gets Tampere Award

Tallinn Music Week founder Helen Sildna is the winner of this year’s Tampere Music Award, which will be presented at Finland’s Music & Media conference Oct. 18. 

Sildna, who was given the award for exceptional achievements in the music business, was quick to thank the Finnish music business people who have helped her along the way.

“I have learned from some very good and special people in Finland. At the times of Baltic Development Group from Risto Juvonen and Tumppi Haaranen, and later on, when starting to work on my own projects and my own company, from Tapio Korjus and Paulina Ahokas,” she said.

Sildna started her career with BDG (now Live Nation) and rose to promoter of international talent, before splitting to set up TMW and MusicCase, her own promoting company that’s so far worked with MorrisseyAirSigur RósPatti SmithFeistSwans and Regina Spektor, plus a host of Estonian talent. 

She’s established TMW as one of the best-liked showcase and conference events on the European circuit, gaining government support and managing to persuade Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves to deliver the opening address.

Sildna also has her own radio show on Estonian Raadio 2.

“I’m quite blown away by this [award], especially as all the predecessors have been men in their 50s or 60s,” she told Pollstar. “I cannot quite believe this, but as I have started receiving phone calls and messages it must be true.”

Sildna has also been involved in the setting up of Music Estonia, which will work in a similar way to the Music Export Offices in the neighbouring Nordic states. Music Estonia, which has been set up by 23 of the country’s music entrepreneurs and will be headed by Virgo Sillamaa, was officially unwrapped Oct. 8. Music & Media and the Lost In Music showcase festival are in Tampere Oct. 16-19.

Tallinn Music Week is March 25-28.