Exo Members Quit

In the space of five months two members of the enormously popular K-pop boy band Exo have quit the group and filed lawsuits against their management. 

First it was Kris and now, according to the Straits Times, Chinese member Luhan has left. On Oct 10, the 24-year-old singer filed a suit against SM Entertainment, claiming that the company treated him “like a machine part or as an object of control.” Luhan is being represented by the Hankyul Law Group, the same firm that represents Kris.

In a sharply worded statement following the filing, SM condemned the suit, saying that it was pointless. According to the Korea Herald, SM said, “It is likely that, upon gaining immense popularity through (Exo), he is putting his own interests ahead of the group activities and those who are engaged in the contract.”

Other media have reported SM as saying that they believe someone is “pulling the strings” and affecting Luhan’s decisions. In July Kris’s representatives had entered into mediation with SM Entertainment via Seoul Central District Court, but there have been no reports of progress.

Luhan’s split was not unexpected. He had been calling in sick lately and did not participate in Exo’s concerts in Bangkok last month. He also didn’t show up for his record label’s SMTown Live Tokyo concert.

As it stands, SM has been having a bad year. In September it fired Jessica Jung from its marquee girl group Girls’ Generation. Insiders say the loss of two members may not have a detrimental effect on Exo.

There are still 10 members in the group riding high on their hit “Overdose,” which garnered more than 1 million YouTube hits within 10 hours of its release. Even after Kris left in May, the group’s concerts have sold out instantly.