South Dakota Concert Includes Assault Rifle

A promoter in Sioux Falls, S.D., said there will be no refunds for an Oct. 18 show that was canceled after a man in the parking lot brandishing an assault rifle caused what police called a “near riot.” 

Hip-hop artist Kevin Gates, who released the critically acclaimed Luca Brasi Story in 2013, was scheduled to perform at the .

However, trouble started before 11 p.m. When a woman was punched inside the venue, a police spokesman told the Argus Leader. Several people exited the building, including Jonathon Bernard Junior, who was allegedly then accused of being involved in the indoor fight. Junior responded by pulling out an assault-style rifle form a vehicle, according to police.

“He was afraid and thought someone might punch him,” the spokesman said. Hotel management decided to clear out the venue, which “caused a near riot” involving more than 100 people, the representative told the paper. No shots were fired and there were no injuries.

Tickets started at $30 with VIP packages ranging $500 to $700. Steven Taylor of Global Entertainment International said there would be no refunds but the promoter will throw a free show in the spring and patrons will be able to attend a show in the fall at half price.

“I didn’t even get to meet [Gates],” Taylor told the paper. “Everything was set up for him to perform but unfortunately things got out of hand.” One patron said the show kept getting delayed. “They kept saying, ‘Are you ready for Kevin Gates?’ again and again,” Destiny Birthmark told the paper. “We kept waiting. First it was 7, then it was 8, then it didn’t happen.”

Henry Garcia, who paid $660 for a VIP package, said he was told Gates would meet his group by 6 p.m. but was later told the rapper would meet them after the show.

Meanwhile, “nothing was ready, nothing was on order.” At 9 p.m., everyone in the VIP area was escorted out because Gates’ people wanted to check out the area.

The fight broke out in the GA area shortly after that and when the group returned to its table, the expensive liquor had been removed. “Not only did we get ripped off by the concert, they took our alcohol away,” Garcia told the paper. “The whole thing was a joke.”