Bret Michaels Undergoes Kidney Surgery

Bret Michaels is recovering from kidney surgery.

Michaels’ guitarist Pete Evick says the 51-year-old rocker has been in and out of six hospitals over the past two weeks and underwent kidney surgery last week.

Evick says Michaels’ latest kidney issues stem from several medical problems, including a May incident in which the Poison frontman was rushed off stage in Manchester, New Hampshire, for what Evick described as the flu and severely low blood sugar.

The singer was diagnosed with diabetes as a child.

Michaels was hit in the head with a set piece in 2009 when performing at the Tony Awards. He suffered injuries that he said contributed to a brain hemorrhage that nearly killed him.

Photo: Glenn A. Miller
Rams Head On Stage, Annapolis, Md.

Evick says Michaels is expected to return to the stage Thursday in Florida.