Stapp Drama Continues

The latest Scott Stapp news is a bit convoluted but, sometime late last month, there were some 911 calls made that involved an accusation that the Creed frontman had threatened to assassinate President Obama.

Photo: YouTube frame capture

TMZ has released tapes of 911 calls made by Stapp and his estranged wife, Jaclyn. The calls were made shortly after Stapp was released from a 72-hour psych hold in Florida.

Jaclyn and her sister spent 40 minutes talking to a dispatcher, claiming that Scott Stapp, after returning to their house, fled shirtless on a bicycle with about 600 pages of documents that he had printed from the internet.

“He thinks he’s part of the CIA. He thinks they’re trying to kill him, and he has a bunch of paperwork in his backpack that he’s a CIA agent and he’s supposed to assassinate Obama,” one of the two women says. They add that Stapp has been in and out of mental health facilities, completing somewhere between eight and 10 stints.

“He’s off of the drugs, and he’s going crazy,” one of the women says.

However, Stapp was also placing his own 911 call. He claimed his wife had stolen $6 million from him, as well as his truck, forcing him to use the bike. When police met with him, they determined he was too sane to be placed on psychiatric hold.

The release of the tapes follows a messy November for the Stapp family. Scott was committed at one point after being found on the side of the road, rambling that someone was trying to poison him. Much of this was brought to light because Stapp had placed a 15-minute video on his Facebook page pleading his case that he is sober and the victim of theft.

Jaclyn had previously said that Scott had threatened to kill himself and his Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor, heard voices and saw visions of people on fire, according to the New York Daily News.