ICM Settles Intern Lawsuit

ICM Partners is the latest to settle a slew of potential class-action lawsuits, wrapping mediation with two former interns. The lawsuit could have been reclassified, bringing in hundreds of plaintiffs.

Kimberly Behzadi and Jason Rindenau alleged that around 2011 and 2012, they did jobs and duties of paid employees rather than be educated in the ways of a booking agency. Instead, they answered phones, worked on expense reports and handled other duties for agents, according to Deadline Hollywood.

The parties agreed to begin mediation on Dec. 15.

Interns have been filing lawsuits against their would-be employers of late, spurred by one against NBC Universal regarding “Saturday Night Live” and MSNBC. Former interns for “Black Swan” have an ongoing lawsuit against Fox Searchlight, and there is another case pending against Wendy Williams’ talk show.