Michael Stipe Sings Again

Well, he couldn’t stay on Stephen Colbert’s shelf forever: Michael Stipe, who recently said he was considering singing again, did a surprise opening set for Patti Smith last night at NYC’s Webster Hall.

Photo: AP Photo
Royal Albert Hall, London.

The former R.E.M singer did a set of five songs. In addition to R.E.M.’s “Saturn Return” and “New Test Leper,” Stipe covered the following songs: Vic Chesnutt’s “Lucinda Williams,” the theme from the 1977 Martin Scorsese film “New York, New York,” Patti Smith’s “Wing,” and Perfume Genius’ “Hood,” according to SlicingUpEyeballs.com.

Earlier this month Stipe appeared on “CBS This Morning” and said, “I think I’ll sing again. That’s maybe an exclusive. But I think I will sing again.” As for reuniting R.E.M., which broke up in 2011, he said that will “never ever happen.”