Disabled Man Sues Live Nation

A couple has filed a federal lawsuit against Live Nation Entertainment and a limousine company regarding a “nightmare experience” regarding disabled parking at Sleep Train Amphitheatre in Wheatland, Calif.

Robert Levine and Veronica Guzman claim Live Nation fails to provide adequate accommodations at the venue, according to the Appeal-Democrat.

The lawsuit claims the parking lot’s 77 disabled parking spaces is “far below the number of properly configured and located disabled parking spaces required by regulations for crowds up to 18,000 persons, including proper size, surface, signage and adjacent unloading zones.”  

According to the suit, Levine, who is disabled, and Guzman drove to a Journey concert July 25 but, after showing their state-issued disabled parking permit, were told they would need to go to the overflow disabled parking area. That’s where they noticed the area included limousines not normally permitted to park in such spaces, according to the suit.

“This was the beginning of a nightmare experience for both plaintiffs, as they later discovered that … Levine’s car had been towed away from where he had been instructed to park,” the suit says, according to the Appeal-Democrat.

It claims Coastal Breeze Limousines Inc. asked that Levine’s car be towed, which led to the couple spending two hours looking for their vehicle after the show. The lawsuit also alleges the venue does not have accessible men’s restrooms, inadequate disabled seating areas, lack of fully compliant box seats, handrails blocked by trash containers and a host of other complaints.

Live Nation representatives were unavailable for comment Jan. 2. The newspaper noted that the 18,500-capacity venue is undergoing a renovation to increase its capacity to 20,000.