Keith’s Bar Closes In CA

Another of Toby Keith‘s bars has closed, this one the I Love This Bar and Grill in Folsom, Calif. – but plenty of them are springing up across the country.

The Folsom location opened in 2012, with Keith performing at it the following April. It was one of the first major tenants in the Palladio shopping center.

The venue is expected to be replaced with Nordstrom Rack, according to KCRA-TV news.  “I am sorry they were unable to make it,” Folsom City councilmember Kerri Howell told KCRA-TV.

A patron told the station that, although she went to the bar every week for line dancing, “It was never really all that packed, and the food, I didn’t think, was all that great.”

The restaurant chain has seen a few setbacks. Its New York location was dinged this summer with owing more than $250,000 in sales taxes to the state, while its Dallas location shuttered after being in business less than a year.

All the same, a location in Orlando, Fla., opened Dec. 22. It has 15 active locations and is expected to open bars in eight more locations including Boise, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, San Antonio and Savannah, Ga.