Help Us Solve A Mystery

Word came to us that the Forum in Southern California is going to have a recurring guest. Any ideas?

The Forum in Inglewood is the sister arena to Madison Square Garden in NYC, both owned and operated by the same company.  Over on the East Coast, the Garden has seen tremendous success with Billy Joel’s once-a-month performances. Each of his 12 shows last year sold out, and he just announced dates through October.  When will they end?  According to Joel, only when the demand stops.

Could something like that work on the West Coast? There are plenty of acts that call Los Angeles home and represent the California lifestyle. We teased a few people behind the scenes and, not to our surprise, they are as smart as we are and confirmed a project is in the works: an artist may, possibly, hang out once a month at the new, fabulous Forum.

Photo: Damian Dovarganes/AP, file

We thought we’d let the hive mind figure it out. Here are a few possible guidelines: the artist would probably have ties to the West Coast. The artist is not on tour through the end of 2015. The artist can sell out an arena.

Or not. The Forum, at the push of a button, can drop to a theatre setting.

Let’s see: One band debuted the arena’s new look by putting a gigantic, spinning LP on the roof during its January 2014 residency. So there’s that. But then there are options like the Foo Fighters, who would clearly sell out the … whoops! Strike that. They have 60 dates coming up, including Saturday’s show at the Forum. How about Van Halen? Who says Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars couldn’t play once a month until the next outing?  On the fringe: a reunited Beach Boys.

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