Club Warned Before Brown Appearance

Authorities had warned the owner of a San Jose bar where five people were shot and wounded during a Chris Brown appearance Jan. 11 about the potential for violence. 

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Police recommended increasing security for the show, a spokeswoman told the San Jose Mercury News.

“We’re in the process of reviewing whether (security) was adequate and whether they took necessary precautions,” police spokeswoman Sgt. Heather Randol said.

Door security at the Fiesta nightclub that evening was reported to be inconsistent, and many patrons weren’t thoroughly searched for weapons by security guards as a large wave of people entered the bar, the paper noted.

Brown’s appearance was originally scheduled for the city’s RockBar Theater but Randol added management there canceled the show after the police vice unit reached out and warned about the potential for violence.

All five who were wounded are expected to survive. No suspects have been identified and an investigation into the shooting is ongoing.