Van Halen Settles With Van Halen

Van Halen and the former wife of drummer Alex Van Halen have settled a two-year-old suit in which the band claimed the ex-Mrs. Van Halen diluted their brand by using her married name on a variety of businesses. 

Photo: AP Photo
Bringing the big beat to Café Wha? in New York City.

Alex and Kelly Van Halen divorced almost 20 years ago, but the entrepreneurial ex continued to use her married surname – and the band apparently decided in Oct. 2013 that using the “Van Halen” name in her business endeavors was infringing on their musical brand.

The parties notified the presiding judge in the case Jan. 5 that they have reached an amicable settlement, in which Kelly Van Halen reportedly agrees to keep her name away from anything remotely music-related. Other details of the settlement agreement were not released.