Rich Robinson Says Black Crowes Are Kaput

Rich Robinson has released a statement saying The Black Crowes will fly no more.  Judging from the guitarist’s words, it appears he has a few issues regarding how his brother wanted to do business.

Although the band has been on hiatus since completing its 2013 tour, fans always hoped that Rich and his brother Chris would reunite the Crowes for more albums and road work.  Instead, the band is calling it quits.

Photo: John Davisson
Lockn' Festival, Oak Ridge Farm, Arrington, Va.

 “It is with great disappointment and regret that after having the privilege of writing and performing the music of The Black Crowes over the last 24 years, I find myself in the position of saying the band has broken up.

“I hold my time with The Black Crowes with the utmost respect and sincerest appreciation.  It is a huge swath of my life’s body of work.  I couldn’t be more proud of what we accomplished and deeply moved by the relationships people created and maintained with my music.  That alone is the greatest honor of being a musician.  I love my brother and respect his talent but his present demand that I must give up my equal share of the band and that our drummer for 28 years and original partner, Steve Gorman, relinquish 100% of his share, reducing him to a salaried employee, is not something that I could agree to.

“There are so many people who have helped and supported us along the way.  I want to give a heartfelt thank you to all of our fans, our friends behind the scenes, and to everyone who was a part of The Black Crowes.”