More Jody Chiang Farewell Shows

In the wake of the rush on tickets to the farewell concerts of Taiwanese pop diva Jody Chiang, police are cracking down on scalpers with extra effort.


A man identified only by the surname Lin was being investigated by Taipei City Police Department for acquiring eight tickets for NT$3,800 ($120) and then selling four of them for NT$8,000 ($225) each.

When Chiang announced nine more performances after the original 16 sold out in less than three days, the market suddenly shrank.

People who were still trying to resell their tickets for profit had more trouble unloading them. The situation gave the police an opportunity to peruse online auction and ticket sites for scalpers.

Ninety thousand tickets for the new concerts will go on sale Jan. 25. Ticketing agency Acer Cloud will use a different distribution method by launching an online membership plan with a signup deadline. All the concerts will take place in Taipei and Kaohsiung in August and September.