Oakdale Theatre Cited

 in Wallingtford, Conn., was hit with a cease-and-desist order by the city, which says the 4,560-capacity venue is staging concerts in an area that was supposed to be used as a lobby, in violation of its permit.  

Live Nation, which operates the theatre, filed an appeal and is expected to argue its case when the Zoning Board of Appeals meets, according to the Meriden, Conn., Record Journal.

Though the cease-and-desist was issued last month, the city spelled out the alleged violations in a July letter by the Town Planner. In addition to the lobby use, the Oakdale Theatre is also accused of exceeding noise levels and using an unapproved parking area.

Additional violations are expected to be added, according to the paper.

“Based upon a site visit … this office has concluded that you are in violation of certain elements of your special permit and associated site plan,” planner Kacie Costello wrote in the July 17 letter, cited by the Record Journal. “Specifically, the violations that this office is aware of are as follows: you are holding events within the ‘dome’ … There is noise that can be heard from outside of the building … Your approved parking layout and circulation did not incorporate any ‘VIP Parking Area’ …”

Local attorney Joan Molloy, representing Live Nation, told the paper she believes Costello is misinterpreting the permit.

“We certainly recognize that the town has an issue with some of the operations at the Oakdale,” Molloy said Jan. 21. “We’re trying to work with the town … and understand their issues and coming up with a solution to them.” The town’s Planning and Zoning Department has reportedly received complaints from neighbors about noise and vibration levels and traffic for several years, but officials say the problem has become more prevalent since the venue began hosting EDM shows.