Drowning Pool Does It For Sinners

That loud rumbling on the horizon that you’ll hear in March will be the sound of Drowning Pool’s “Sinner Unlucky 13 Anniversary Tour” rockin’ across the land with stops in Daytona Beach, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Dallas and other metal-lovin’ towns.

Photo: William Parks
“We tried talking him out of the gig but he refused. He’s stuck with it now.”

Drowning Pool’s debut album on Wind-Up obtained its Platinum standing a few weeks after landing in stores in 2001.  Along with the title track Sinner includes “Tear Away,” “Pity,” “I Am” and, of course, the ever-popular “Bodies,” which to this day is one of the band’s most well-known songs.

“Sinner represents that amazing time in Drowning Pool’s career when things really started to take off,” the band said in a statement.  “It reminds us of that raw energy and excitement we had when we first got our music out there … when we first started touring worldwide.  Especially for all of newer Drowning Pool fans who know about the original Sinner days with the late great Dave Williams, but never got to see that show.”

In addition to the tour Drowning Pool has released a two-disc “Unlucky 13th Anniversary” deluxe version of Sinner featuring demos, remixes and two unreleased tracks.

Meanwhile, you can hear all of Sinner as the band continues its tour in celebration of the disc. Here’s the routing:

March 12 – Daytona Beach, Fla., Main Street Station
March 14 – Jacksonville, Fla., Beach Blvd. Concert Hall
March 17 – Clarksville, Tenn., The Warehouse
March 19 – Baltimore, Md., Fish Head Cantina
March 20 – Poughkeepsie, N.Y., The Chance Entertainment Complex
March 21 – Sayreville, N.J., Starland Ballroom
March 22 – Beckley, W.Va., Muncheez Bar and Grill
March 26 – Fredericksburg, Va., Hard Times Café
March 27 – Lancaster, Ohio, Mickey’s Bar & Grill
March 28 – Flint, Mich., The Machine Shop
April 1 – La Porte, Ind., Johnnys Roadhouse
April 2 – St. Louis, Mo., Mad Magician
April 3 – Dallas, Texas, Trees

Adrenaline Mob and Full Devil Jacket provide support.

Some shows are already on sale.  Expect more dates to be announced shortly.  Dive into DrowningPool.com for more details.