Scam Gone Good

A mother and her two daughters who got scammed out of tickets to a Luke Bryan show got to see the event anyway, thanks to the largess of a radio station.

Stacie Moss of Evansville, Ind., bought tickets on Craigslist for her and daughters Bryntlee, 6, and Baden, 15. The total price for the show at Louisville, Ky.’s  was $600.

Moss soon realized she was the victim of a scam and called the police who set up a sting operation who eventually arrested a Chicago couple for the sale. That still left Moss with a $600 deficit and two heartbroken kids.

The story was broadcast on WAVE-TV. Two of the viewers were Ron Fischer and Mel Fisher, co-hosts of WAMZ Radio’s morning show. “I was thinking those poor little girls were so excited and everyone loves Luke Bryan, and he’s a parent. He loves kids,” Fisher told WAVE-TV. “

We thought, ‘We’ve got to see if we can do something for this family.’” WAMZ called the family and Fisher asked, “Because you’ve been through enough already, perhaps you all would like to meet Luke Bryan?” They did, during the meet-and-greet, after getting to see the show.

Police said other families were victims of the ticket scam and are hoping some of the money will be returned to them.