David Lee Roth Versus The Twirling Mic Stand

More than a decade after Nelly made first aid tape a fashion statement, David Lee Roth wore a bandage on his nose for his big U.S. television debut with Van Halen Monday night. In Diamond Dave’s case, an unruly microphone stand was to blame.

Van Halen took over Hollywood Boulevard, in front of the El Capitan Theatre, for an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” making the band’s first U.S. television performance with original lead singer David Lee Roth.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” aired a few songs Monday and the other half of the performance will be broadcast Tuesday. What viewers didn’t see on TV last night was Roth whacking himself in the face with a microphone stand as he twirled the stand as fast as one of the Tasmanian Devil’s tornados during the band’s first song, “Panama.” Footage of the incident was posted online by fans.

After appearing to wipe blood off his nose and walking to the back of the stage to grab a towel, Roth tells the crowd, “Ladies and gentlemen, give us one second here. We’re filming on tape and I just cut my nose here on the microphone or whatever. Let me get this taped up and we’ll start again. I’m so sorry. Give me one second. … I apologize, guys.” While Roth’s nose is getting fixed up, the audience is treated to an extended jam session from the rest of the band.

When Roth returns he says, “I f**ked my nose up on the microphone here so I’m going to wear the Band-Aid and we’re going to start the whole thing over for ya.”

Roth’s injury didn’t scare the vocalist off from spinning the mic stand once again like a master baton twirler. The re-do performance of “Panama” aired on “Jimmy Kimmel” Monday along with “Runnin’ With The Devil.”  

The late night TV appearance coincides with today’s release of Van Halen’s  first-ever live album featuring Roth. Recorded June 21, 2013, Tokyo Dome Live In Concert features 23 songs from all seven of the band’s albums with Roth.

Van Halen’s first North American tour since 2012 kicks off July 5 in Auburn, Wash., at the White River Amphitheatre. Dates are booked through October.