Mellencamp: Religious Objections Law ‘Stain’ On Indiana

John Mellencamp says Indiana’s religious objections law is a “stain” on his home state.

Mellencamp posted a letter on his website Thursday panning the law as “ill-conceived.” He says, “It is discriminatory, hurtful, and a stain on Indiana’s national reputation.”

He says Indiana is “the American Melting Pot we all learned about in school. We are more than just tolerant, most of the time. We are welcoming.”

Mellencamp says he thought seriously about canceling upcoming shows in Indiana, “but then I realized that I would be letting our government divide us again, keeping me apart from my most important audience: My Indiana fans.”

Photo: Chris McKay /
Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Ga.

The Indiana General Assembly approved revisions to the law Thursday and sent them to Republican Gov. Mike Pence for his signature.