Las Vegas Arena Is Watching You

When the new Las Vegas arena that MGM and AEG are building opens next year, it will include technology that will scan the crowd to determine the advertising demographic. 

If it sounds a bit like Big Brother, don’t worry: the technology is already being used. Toshiba is a new partner in the yet-to-be-named arena and has already announced that it will implement its “audience measurement” technology at the $375 million facility, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journ in Los Angeles. The audience measurement system was introduced there in November.

Toshiba will also reportedly introduce technology that will recognize fans at the arena through their ticket or smart watch if they post about the event on social media.

Toshiba is providing an estimated eight figures for its digital signs in the Las Vegas arena, according to the Review-Journal, including a 209-foot-by-45-foot digital board on the exterior, above the main entrance.