PRS To Review Live Tariff

UK collection agency PRS For Music is reviewing the way it licenses ticketed live music events, which will have many thinking that promoters may soon have to pay more than the current 3 percent of gross.

That tariff was set in the UK Copyright Tribunal in 1988, and PRS commercial director Paul Clements is already pointing out that the live music business has since “changed dramatically.”

The review will also include a consultation period that already has support from the likes of the Music Publishers Association and the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors.

MPA chief exec Sarah Osborn says it’s imperative that the value of songwriting is recognized.

“As we represent the interests of music publishers and their writers, we believe this consultation conducted by PRS for Music is an important step in better understanding the current live music sector, and to ensure that our members are fully recognised for their work and contribution in this ever growing industry,” she said. BASCA chief exec Vick Bain also said it’s vital that the value of a song is properly recognised.