Volbeat Blames Stampede For Cancellation

Volbeat and the Calgary Stampede are facing off over the recent last-minute cancellation of a concert at the .  

Photo: Brett Schauf
Intrust Bank Arena, Wichita, Kans.

In a message on Facebook May 3, the band said an engineer from the venue decided the Corral couldn’t support the show.

“Today it was determined by the building engineer that the building infrastructure was not adequate to support the requirements of the show,” the band wrote. “In order to ensure the safety of the fans and band, it was decided by the building not to proceed with the show in this building at this time.

“Volbeat are disappointed that the show can not go on as scheduled and expect to return at a future date,” the message continued.

However, the nonprofit organization that oversees the Stampede said it wasn’t an engineer from the venue that decided to pull the plug.

“We were ready to host a safe a successful concert last night with an equipment load that was safe and approved, and the decision was made outside of the Stampede not to go ahead with the concert,” Kurt Kadatz, director of communication for the Stampede, told the Calgary Herald.

He added that the Stampede had ironed out production requirements with the promoter and an engineering consultant in the leadup to the show.

“The rigging submission was approved by the venue and the structural engineer and the equipment was installed and inspected on Sunday and approved to proceed with the event,” Kadatz said. “So we were surprised when, about 90 minutes before the concert, the promoter let us know that a decision had been made not to go ahead.”

Fans were offered refunds or the opportunity to attend a Volbeat concert the following evening at the SaskTel Center in Saskatoon.