Noise Complaints Down In Bangor

Noise complaints over concerts at  in Bangor, Maine, are decreasing thanks to some changes the city’s made in recent years. 
in Bangor, Maine 

Bangor Community Development Director Tanya Emery told the Bangor Daily News the venue hosted the daylong Rise Above metal festival and received 86 complaints, compared with 124 complaints lodged against the event last year.

“This is down significantly from what we had for this concert last year,” she said.

The city has attempted to make peace with the neighbors by moving the direction of the stage at the Pavilion to face downtown. Bangor also hired audio consulting firm Acentech last year to study noise coming from the venue and offer solutions.

Two options presented in a report by the firm included constructing a roof over the audience and building a wall around the venue. But both ideas were found to be too costly so the city has implemented another, cheaper alternative – simply turning down the volume at the mixing station when things get too loud.

“The thing [Bangor] has the most control over is the volume knob,” Acentech’s Benjamin Markham told the Daily News