LN Seeks Oakdale Permit Modification

Live Nation wants to modify a 1989 special permit that would allow the company to host concerts and events under the dome area of the  in Wallingford, Conn., which has been the target of noise complaints.

The application seeks a permit modification and is expected to be addressed at the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting in June. If approved, the modifications would allow more concerts under the dome – an interior area of the theatre described by the local Record-Journal as more of a lobby than a live music space.

The application would also modify a VIP parking plan and a “no noise” condition, according to the paper. The city of Wallingford issued LN Connecticut a cease-and-desist letter in December for allegedly violating its special permit at the 4,500-capacity Oakdale Theatre, which LN owns.

Town planner Kacie Costello told the paper at the time that the dome was allowed to be used only as a lobby and no sound was permitted to be heard outside the building. Live Nation is appealing the letter and has been in negotiations with the city in an effort to come to a mutually agreeable resolution.