The International Federation Of Phonographic Industries and Brussels-based indie association IMPALA have both welcomed the European Union’s review of the continent’s digital market.

On May 6 the European Commission announced it will introduce a series of measures to improve Europe’s online environment. They include clarifying the rules on the activities of online intermediaries with regard to copyright-protected works.

This addresses the unintended “value gap” that needs to be closed by clarifying that those who distribute or intervene in distribution are active and responsible for obtaining licenses and are not neutral carriers who can benefit from the so-called “safe harbor.”

“This addresses a fundamental barrier to licensing in Europe today which holds Europe’s Digital Single Market back and causes an unintended ‘value gap’ for our members,” said IMPALA executive chair Helen Smith.

The IFPI described the EU initiative as “an important step towards creating a more level playing field between online operators and the creative sectors.”