El Komander Show Turns Ugly

Mexican singer Alfredo Rios, better known as El Komander, refused to perform at Lake Perris Fairgrounds in Perris, Calif., May 18, leading to some disappointed fans trashing the stage.

El Komander, who once sang songs about drugs and violence that fit the genre of narco-corriodos, has softened his music in the past few years and has become more radio- and family-friendly. However, the performance for 1,200 fans turned ugly after Rios decided to sit in his truck for hours then drove off. Rios blamed the promoter, and vice versa.

AV Entertainment said El Komander was to receive $50,000 for the performance but asked for an additional $30,000 upon arrival; El Komander said in a statement the fault was with the promoter, according to NBC-TV.

“He posted on his Instagram saying he was going to be there so I told a couple friends of mine, ‘Let’s go check it out,’” one fan, Raul Ramirez, who paid $100 for a VIP table, told the television station. He said he watched El Komander drive up then sit inside a truck.

“I was, like, ‘What is he doing? Is he not going to perform?  What’s going on? We paid our money,’” Ramirez said.

When negotiations fell through and Rios drove off, some fans began tearing apart the stage. No one got seriously injured and refunds are being offered, according to NBC.