Mary J. Blige, Lady Liberty & Budweiser

Mary J. Blige has partnered with Budweiser for a free show at that icon of all freedom icons – the Statue Of Liberty. Details after the jump.

Photo: AP Photo / Herwig Prammer
Life Ball, City Hall, Vienna, Austria

Described as “a prelude to the Budweiser Made In America festival” in Philadelphia, The event takes place June 21 at 9 p.m. EDT. 

The show is also part of the beer maker’s “Monument Series” bringing “iconic performances to iconic American locations.” Budweiser announced on Earth Day that it had formed a partnership with the National Park Foundation that includes limited-edition patriotic packaging featuring the Statue Of Liberty.

Although Blige’s show is free you’ll need to win tickets in order to have a seat on that June evening on Liberty Island.  You’ll also need to be 21 or over.  So dust off that rabbit’s foot and put a shine on your lucky horseshoe before clicking here to enter.