Smash Mouth Singer Rants About Thrown Bread

Seeing Smash Mouth this summer?  Then remember that bread is for eating and making sandwiches and not for throwing at the band’s lead singer.  Otherwise you just might witness a scene similar to what happened in Fort Collins, Colo.

It probably wasn’t the best of days for Smash Mouth’s Steve Harwell.  Audience members threw slices of bread at the singer during the band’s Sunday performance at the Taste Of Fort Collins festival.  Evidently that resulted in Harwell yelling obscenities at the crowd, according to the Coloradoan which reports the frontman was “subdued by a security guard” and that he walked “Off of the stage ahead of the encore.”

Why throw sliced bread?  Turns out a festival vendor was giving the loaves away for free.

Fan-shot video preserves Harwell’s NSFW rant for the ages.

Evidently some fans didn’t have any empathy for someone having to work under conditions that included flying slices of bread.  One person tweeted that she had “witnessed a grown man throw the biggest tantrum over bread” while another remarked that Harwell “was probably upset someone else didn’t throw ham and cheese to go with it.”