Alliant Energy Center Stage

A recently released market potential and financial feasibility report for the Veterans Memorial Coliseum at  in Madison, Wis., attributed a decrease in concerts at the 48-year-old venue to a lack of amenities.


The report, presented by Markin Consulting and Populous to an advisory committee, listed several issues uncovered during interviews with principal promoters in the building including Frank Productions, Live Nation, Winter Jam and the Roadshow Tour.

Concerts at the county-owned venue dropped from 19 in 2005 to just 4 in 2014, and the firm cited concerns including the lack of a rigging system, limited load-in and load-out capabilities, dressing rooms in need of significant updates, a small foyer, narrow concourses in the upper levels of the building, and limited concession offerings.

“Eliminating these impediments will have a direct and immediate benefit to existing and potential new concert and show promoters — making the Coliseum a more profitable venue for them — and, in turn, more events and revenue potential for the Coliseum,” the study noted. Alliant Energy Center executive director Mark Clarke told the local Capital Times officials are now considering how to proceed with improvements.

“The building is 50 years old, and there hasn’t been any major work done to that building for a very, very, very long time,” Clarke said. “In order to keep up with the industry standards, there’s things that need to be done to that building to help us bring more events to that particular building.”

Other issues cited by users and stakeholders of the Coliseum included the lack of a curtaining system to allow for smaller shows, inadequate cell service and WiFi availability, and the building’s antiquated look.

The report estimated costs of suggested upgrades to the venue could range between $44 million and $52 million.