Taylor Swift Switches Photo Contract

Taylor Swift has changed her concert photo waiver following recent reports calling her hypocritical for taking Apple to task over music distribution terms while maintaining onerous terms for concert photographers who shoot her shows.

Photo: Scott Legato / RockStarProPhotography.com
Ford Field, Detroit, Mich.

Though many newspapers refused to send photographers to cover her “1989” tour over the terms of her contract, others, like the New York Times and Washington Post, were allowed to amend the agreement with Swift.

The unbalanced credentialing process apparently didn’t sit well with many in the photography world and members of the National Press Photographers Associations were recently discussing what course of action to take when representatives for Swift approached them.

NPPA legal counsel Mickey Osterreicher helped to draft “a credential agreement that addressed photographers’ and publishers’ concerns while at the same time being suitable to the concerns of Swift’s representatives,” the group announced July 21.

The draft scored support from media groups including the Associated Press, the Associated Press Managing Editors, the Society for Professional Journalists, and American Society of Media Professionals, the Radio Television Digital News Association and others.

“Ms. Swift should be commended for showing by example her concern not only for the rights of musicians but for the rights of the photographers and organizations that cover her concerts,” Osterreicher said. “After taking the time to hear our concerns regarding her world tour photography guidelines agreement, the news and professional associations and Taylor’s team are very pleased to have been able to work together for a revised agreement that is fair to everyone involved.”