Snoop Dogg Protests Drug Arrest

Snoop Dogg created quite a fuss on social media after being arrested by Swedish police on suspicion of using illegal drugs.

Photo: Instagram
Click for whole caption: "sick and tired of the pigs."

A police spokesman for the central Uppsala region said when roadside police stopped a car containing Snoop Dogg after a concert in the country July 25, the 43-year-old performer appeared to be under the influence of narcotics.

He was arrested and taken to a police station to take a urine test.

“The incident lasted several minutes. Once the test was carried out he left,” Daniel Nilsson explained. The test results were not immediately available. Snoop Dogg posted an Instagram video from the police station where he said authorities were “doing a report on me, cuz” and then said it was a case of racial profiling.

“Profile, racial profile,” he said. “Came and snatched me out my car. Brought me down here. I’m in Sweden right now … I’ll never be back to ya’ll country. It’s been real.”

After being released, Snoop Dogg posted another Instagram video: “Message to my fans n fam!!”. “I know a lot of y’all concerned about me. I made it through,” he said. “They took me down there, made me pee in a cup, didn’t find s**t. No case, no nothing.’ But like Minister Farrakhan say, it’s better to be searched and not found with nothin’ than not to be searched at all. F*** y’all!”

It was not the star’s first brush with the law. Snoop Dogg’s lyrics often display his fondness for marijuana and he has previously had run-ins with police over the drug.