John Hodgman Takes You To ‘Vacationland’

Comedian John Hodgman wants to take you on a journey through “Vacationland,” where he’ll shine a spotlight on the birthplace of rage, mustache evolution, and rural towns’ human sacrifice customs.
Come with me to Vacationland!

Hodgman has a lot to cover on his “Vacationland tour.”  So much, in fact, that his office put out a press blast announcing a few of the topics “The Daily Show” resident expert plans to cover.  Along with pointing his rapier-like wit on Massachusetts, which Hodgman calls “the birthplace of rage,” the comedian’s planned course of humorous attack includes “how the people of various rural towns are probably planning to sacrifice you to their god,” “his exile to the state of Maine, home to the world’s most painful beaches,” and “the evolutionary purpose of the weird dad mustache.”

Of course, Hodgman’s infinite wisdom exceeds the four or so minutes Jon Stewart offers him on an irregular basis. He hosts his own podcast and has appeared on several TV shows, including “Conan,” “The Late Late Show” “@midnight” and “This American Life,”  His book credits include the “Complete World Knowledge” trilogy consisting of “The Areas Of My Expertise,” “More Information Than You Require” and “That Is All.”

Hodgman’s upcoming “Vacationland” tour launches in September.  Here are the dates:

Sept. 12 – Boston, Mass., The Wilbur
Sept. 22 – Atlanta, Ga., Plaza Theatre
Sept. 23 – St. Louis, Mo., Ready Room
Sept. 24 – Chicago, Ill., Thalia Hall
Sept. 25 – Iowa City, Iowa, The Englert Theatre
Sept. 26 – Madison, Wis., Barrymore Theatre
Sept. 27 – Minneapolis, Minn., Cedar Cultural Center
Sept. 29 – Toronto, Ontario, Queen Elizabeth Theatre (JFL42)
Oct. 13 – Vancouver, British Columbia, Rio Theatre
Oct. 15 – Portland, Ore., Hollywood Theater
Oct. 16 – San Francisco, Calif., Marines Memorial Theatre
Oct. 24 – Durham, N.C., Carolina Theatre
Nov. 7 – Athens, Ohio, Ohio University 

Some shows are already on sale.  Had over to for more information.