I.M.P. Gets A Jammin Partner

Promoter It’s My Party has inked a partnership with Vienna, Va.-based Jammin Java and co-owner/booker Daniel Brindley to bring the 200-capacity club into the I.M.P. portfolio with Brindley assisting booking the  and  in Washington, D.C.

Brindley will continue to book Jammin Java and also assist I.M.P.’s Melanie Cantwell, who took over the bulk of 9:30 Club booking from I.M.P. chairman and co-owner Seth Hurwitz four years ago. Since then, Cantwell has also taken on booking Washington’s  and other venues in the Washington/Baltimore area.

“A couple of years ago, we worked with Daniel on a show at the Lincoln,” Hurwitz said. “He had the same values, and he had a very level head. He was a real promoter.

“He’s only the second person besides Melanie that I’ve ever entrusted with my business like this, so that should tell you something,” Hurwitz said.

The deal gives I.M.P. a venue portfolio that ranges from  at 200 capacity to  in Columbia, Md., at 18,500 capacity.

“It’s perfect timing and it’s a perfect fit,” Brindley said. “My brothers Luke, Jonathan, and I have been running Jammin Java for about 14 years, cranking away. We’ve been getting something off the ground, making it nationally known, cutting our teeth. After all this time, we’ve hit a spot where it couldn’t be better timing for us to spread our wings this way.

“We’re still going to run Jammin Java, but we’ll also be aligning ourselves with a company that we’ve respected, have been friends with, and worked with since the early days. As far as company culture goes, I know Jammin Java is small, but it’s the same culture as I.M.P. It’s such a natural partnership in that sense.”